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Mouth of War

Just got into a mouth of war with my sister. She likes attacking for no given reason. Just bitching at my because I didn't clean up after the dogs in the yard. That she had 2 do it. I was planning on cleaning up the yard on Thursday but oh well. I will still clean it up. Then she was attacking me for not cleaning up the house when in fact I do. I sweep the living room and dinning room floors and then run the vaccumn over it. I also vaccumn the kitchen floor because we have a stupid carpet in there. Also my sister attacked me for not buying food well she is wrong again because I do. I buy lunch meat, bread, milk, cereal, and some frozen food. Plus I buy muffins as well. I swear my sister thinks she is better than everyone and has a high horse up her ass or something. I guess I won't sleep at all anymore. I worked crazy amount of overtime last week and was running on very little sleep but who cares about that. I worked a 12 hour shift on Monday and a 10 shift on Tuesday. big deal, I should be able to stay up. Then I was 24 hours before I got sleep today. I was up from 10:30 yesterday morning until 10:30 this morning before falling asleep. Anyways, then my sister was bitching at me because I don't clean up the dishes. Why should I clean up the dishes if I DON'T USE THEM. How does that make sense? It doesn't make sense. I'm getting blamed for all kids of shit and yet my sister is miss fucking perfect. She acts like she is better than me when clearly she is not. My whole living situation has been awful since my parents divorced. It's like everyone is for themselves instead of looking out for one another. It's fucking terrible and I hate it.

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