Courtney (metalhead684) wrote,

Work Rant #1

This guy at work is constantly giving me a hard time no matter what I am doing. I could be sitting there working with my headphones on and he says, your going to go deaf with your music so loud. I can hear that from here. I am like how, you have the computer speakers blasting 2 where I can't hear my music, so I turn it up. Then I have a conversation with our other co-worker and then he attacks me and says that I talk 2 much. EXCUSE ME, I am having a conversation that has nothing 2 do with you. Then on top of that, he bullies me/teases me about our co-worker having a crush/a thing for me. He doesn't stop. It's so fucking annoying. I feel like I have to walk on eggs shells when I am around him. I am starting to think that he likes hearing himself talk. Then he thinks he knows everything because he said he could have replaced my alternator on my car with no problem. I'm like how, it happened int the middle of the night when everything was closed. I had it towed to a garage. He's like your boyfriend couldn't replace it or put it in. I'm like no, he doesn't know how to do it. I was already feeling shitty and yet he had to open his mouth and put him in a bad mood. I wasn't even supposed work on Thursday night but because my car broke down on Wednesday night, I switched days off.
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